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Essential Books/Audiobooks

Instead of always listening to nonsensical music, you can play these books using the Musi app, and feed your brain, training your mind for success

- Jim Rohn - The Power of Ambition

- Brian tracy - No excuses

- Jack Canfield - The success Principles

- Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

- Napoleon Hill - The Law of Success

- Jim Rohn - Take Charge of Your Life (The Winner's Seminar)

Honestly, I'd recommend playing all the Jim Rohn you can get your hands on. His teachings are very effective for self-improvement & success, and Bible based.


- REGRET. You should have an EXTREME fear of regret. Imagine being older and feeling regret daily because you didn’t do the things while you were young that could’ve led to a beautiful life for you and your family. Remove yourself from the mediocre lifestyle and start creating. Put time in your craft and perfect it. Live in a way that your future self will be thankful of your current self.

- DONT BE LAZY. Laziness can kill your dreams. Remember what you want to have or achieve and lock in, stay focused. Laziness is also one of the worst sins.

- Alibaba is a great reliable place to find vendors for just about anything for any business. I use it personally.

- NETWORK. It is important to interact with the people you meet, and make connections because they can prove to be very meaningful down the road.

- CONSISTENCY IS KEY. If you have goals and dreams you must work towards them EVERY DAY, even if just a little bit. Get at least 1% better everyday.

- DISTRACTION IS A DEMON. Cut off distractions, put your phone down or turn off notifications and focus ONLY on what will BENEFIT you.

- DELAYED GRATIFICATION. Do what is difficult now so that you can enjoy the benefits later.

- DISCIPLINE. It’s the most important thing to have for yourself, you must be able to control yourself. (Proverbs 25:28 “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls.”) Discipline is part of self love, if you love yourself you must do the things that will improve your own life. No one else will do it for you.

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